Comprehensive Dental Services

General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Care



We want to address your concerns. We will do an exam and x-rays, explain our findings, suggest solutions, and you choose the treatment you want. Finding problems early can save you time, pain, expense, and tooth loss!



Regular cleaning of your teeth by one of our gentle Registered Dental Hygienists removes build up of plaque and bacteria which cause tooth decay and gum disease.



We take special care of our young patients, and will often do a ‘fun visit’ first to familiarize them with the dental office and help put them at ease.  Dr. Crosby owns the local Tooth Fairy franchise!  See her house in Doctor’s backyard on our Facebook page.


Teeth Whitening

Your natural teeth can be whitened using time-released whitening agents in strips, gel pens, or custom made trays.

Emergencies 2


We want to help you today and get you out of pain! If you suddenly get a toothache, traumatic oral injury, or swelling, call our office 24/7. After office hours the recording will give the doctor’s cell phone number.

Orthodontics 2


We offer minor orthodontics and Invisalign to straighten teeth and improve your smile.



We know dental anxiety can be a barrier sometimes, so we offer oral conscious sedation to help dental treatment go more smoothly for you. We want you to have a comfortable experience here!

Root Canals 2

Root Canal Treatments

When you have a tooth infection or abscess, root canal treatment will allow you to relieve the pain and infection, and save the tooth.

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